I am Lorenzo Miglietta

I have one goal: help you to strenghten your brand and improve your business!

Who I am & Why you should listen to me

Hi! I’m Lorenzo Miglietta, Italian designer and blogger.

I’ve been in and around the world of branding, graphic design and marketing, for around 3 years now. I’m specialised in helping companies to create their own brand identity in order to break the market.

I also own Grafigata.com, Italian graphic design blog I created that let me help thousands of designers to improve their design skills through high quality contents and advices.

Thanks to that, I have known and met a lot of designers, freelancer and students and I have listened to their problems, to their doubts, and helped them to get better.

What can I do for you?

I help companies to create their own strong image and improve their business.

I love creating new brand identities, that start with the logo and end with all the corporate identity.

I also offer brand identity consultation services to companies and privates, in order to strenghten the brand and solve any prior branding issue that may affect the business.

I can give you my help

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