My new personal brand identity

Hi guys!
I’m writing this blog post because recently, I’ve completely changed my personal brand identity through my new personal logo. This logo is a deep and studied evolution of the previous one (you can see it here).

That logo was too much ordinary to me, it didn’t reppresent me anymore because it was too much related to my past, to my career’s beginning.

So, I decided to radically change it.

Not with a simple restyle but with a new brand, new questions I asked to me, new ways to see graphic design.

So, I asked myself this question: don’t you want to come out that box? To come out that old, ordinary logo?

Yes I do.

The old logo was like a closed box for my creativity.
logo evolution 01
Why not come out that box?
logo evolution 02
I did it. And I found out that, when you think out of the box, my creativity burst out.

Like sparks of creativity!
logo evolution 03
And that’s how my new personal logo is born.

lorenzo miglietta logo
A logo that represent myself, that represent my story as a designer. And that is exactly how a personal logo have to work.

Griglia definitiva 2016

You can also see it HERE, On Behance!


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