How has new media and technologies aided Design


How has new media and technologies aided graphic design? Well, that’s a nice question I came across in Quora. I tried to reply here, on, one of my favorite platform, but I want to share it also to the people visiting my website.

Every single new innovation in technology has deeply changed graphic design.

Graphic design has been evolving and changing throughout the years, often redefining the definition of form and functionality while it does so.

And is that a good thing? Yes.

Because new technologies are supposed to aid graphic designer to produce better artwork. Better artwork in a faster and more complete workflow.

And they really aid designers!

For instance, let’s think about the softwares. Back in the 50s/60s/70s, designer used to design with physical instruments. Not only paper, pencil, scissors and glue but also polygraph machines and many other complicated tools.

Now a designer can open Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign and… design. With only a single tool!

These kind of innovation doesn’t only help designer on the practical level but also on the creativity one. Having less tools to manage and simplifying the process, help the brain of the designer to properly focus on the project.

For new media is the same thing. And I can give you 3 example on how new media and technologies have aided designers about that

  1. Social networks let mutual feedback between designers intensify, which is really important in order to produce high quality designs.
  2. Cloud storage services let designers and agencies to store an incredible amount of design stuff.
  3. Graphic Tablets and Touch Diplays let designers produce faster and even draw directly on screen. And that’s cool.

And these are only 3. You can find a lot more!


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