Sketching with Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Recently I purchased one of the best tool for graphic designer I have ever seen: the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  It is an exceptional tool for designers, artists, photographers, art and creative directors who want to work on the go (and a revelation after some awful predecessors).

It is a laptop. It is a tablet. It is a graphics tablet.

I want to show some sketches I made immediately after i bought the Surface Pro 3. I did them using the Surface Pen and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

This is the first one I made to try the 2b pencil brush in Photoshop: a sitting cute fox! 🙂

Fox sketch surface pro 3

Then, I started drawing an elegant wild lynx with a real photo inspiration.

I’m going to show you the full process.

Firstly, I created the background, the photo thumbnail and I started the sketch in the first level.

Lynx fase 1

Then, I started to add the ink and some additional details on a new level.

Lynx fase 2

Details, details, details.

Lynx fase 3

And finally the colors!

Lynx fase 4

Disegno lince colori

To me, Surface Pro 3 is one the best device I have ever used. Awesome!

All the best,



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